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Whether you need DOT post accident drug testing, or some other type of screening, our drug and alcohol testing unit in San Antonio, can help keep your company and employees above board and compliant with regulations. If your company is not regulated by the department of transportation, non-DOT drug and alcohol testing may still be necessary to protect your company and employees from liability and false accusations. Breathalyzer tests can present inaccurate readings if the equipment is not correctly calibrated or the tester is not properly trained. It’s crucial to contact a professional who has received proper training to perform your breath alcohol test. These tests must be administered within 8 hours of the accident to ensure accurate readings. So be sure to call us immediately.  Schedule your appointment in our San Antonio office today.

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COVID PCR and Non PCR Testing

RT-PCR test. Also called a molecular test, this COVID-19 test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). A health care professional collects a fluid sample by inserting a long nasal swab (nasopharyngeal swab) into your nostril and taking fluid from the back of your nose.

Antigen test. This COVID-19 test detects certain proteins in the virus. Using a long nasal swab to get a fluid sample, some antigen tests can produce results in minutes. Others may be sent to a lab for analysis.

A positive antigen test result is considered accurate when instructions are carefully followed. But there’s an increased chance of false-negative results — meaning it’s possible to be infected with the virus but have a negative result.


Blood tests are used to measure or examine cells, chemicals, proteins, or other substances in the blood. Blood testing in San Antonio, also known as blood work, is one of the most common types of lab tests. Blood work is often included as part of a regular checkup. Blood tests are also used to help diagnose diseases.

Urine Drug Testing

Our rapid urine tests in San Antonio, provide fast results in minutes. Rapid urine tests utilize immunoassay technology, which is the same technology laboratory screening instruments employ. Screens provide qualitative “positive or negative” results to help identify the presences of drug and/or metabolite in the donor specimen.

Breath Alcohol Testing

We administer Breath Alcohol Tests in our clinic! A Breath Alcohol Test is used to measure how much alcohol is currently in the blood. Many employers use this method as a pre-employment protocol or post-accident precautionary. Blood Alcohol Tests are reliable and very accurate. The test shows the current levels of intoxication but it cannot show past alcohol usage. In contrast, when testing for illegal drugs with a Urine Drug Screen you can determine if past drug use had occurred.

How does the test work: The person being tested for alcohol use will blow into the given breath alcohol device. The number that appears on the result screen is known as the Blood Alcohol Concentration. (BAC) This shows the level of alcohol in the person’s blood at the exact time the test was taken. The test does not cause any pain or discomfort, and is usually uneventful and brief.

Hair Drug Testing

A hair drug test uses a hair sample, typically from the hair’s root, to screen for drug use. When someone uses drugs, the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. Because each hair follicle has a blood vessel to feed the hair growth cells, the drugs are carried from the blood into the hair follicle. A hair follicle drug test can determine patterns of illicit drug use or prescription medication misuse over a certain period — typically 3 months.

DNA Paternity Testing

A DNA paternity test in San Antonio is nearly 100% accurate at determining whether a man is another person’s biological father. DNA tests can use cheek swabs or blood tests. You must have the test done in a medical setting if you need results for legal reasons. Prenatal paternity tests can determine fatherhood during pregnancy.

Pre-Surgery Clearance

It means “before operation.” During this time, you will meet with one of your doctors. This may be your surgeon or primary care doctor: This checkup usually needs to be done within the month before surgery. This gives your doctors time to treat any medical problems you may have before your surgery. Most Doctors order rutine labs , ekg, vitals and an x-ray.

Pulmonary Function Test

The EasyOne Pro is a portable single-breath DLCO device allowing physicians to provide their patients with prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment. The EasyOne Pro performs PFTs in under 30 minutes all in one square foot. Some of the many features include Single Breath CO diffusion (DLCO) Spirometry Automatic calibration Flexible EMR capabilities diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide (DLCO). It is also known as the transfer factor. DLCO is a measurement to assess the lungs’ ability to transfer gas from inspired air to the bloodstream.

Ancestry Testing

You may know that DNA can tell you about your family history using nothing more than a small saliva sample. But exactly how do we do it? How does DNA testing in San Antonio work and what goes on behind the scenes as we transform your DNA into your ethnicity estimate, ancestor migrations, and DNA matches?

H. Pylori Testing

During a breath test — called a urea breath test — you swallow a pill, liquid or pudding that contains tagged carbon molecules. If you have H. pylori infection, carbon is released when the solution comes in contact with H. pylori in your stomach.

Because your body absorbs the carbon, it is released when you breathe out. To measure the release of carbon, you blow into a bag. A special device detects the carbon molecules. This test can be used for adults and for children over 6 years old who are able to cooperate with the test.

Consortium Services

A drug screening consortium is a business or association of companies or even group of employers that join together as a single entity for the purpose of the Department of Transportation DOT Drug and Alcohol testing of its members. In addition they house records, keep you compliant with up to date ever changing laws and the member companies add their employees to a combined random testing pool.

Onsite Services

Oracle offers mobile alcohol testing and mobile drug screening services for all DOT and non-regulated customers in need of testing throughout San Antonio, Texas and the United States.

Post-accident tests are required within 8 hours for alcohol and 32 hours for drug testing.

Computer Generated Randomization

If your company in San Antonio needs random testing Oracle has a program that can randomize the employee fairly and accurately so each time its time to test all the names get selected and get the same chance. This ensures that no one can suspect the boss of having favoritism for testing or signaling out an employee.

Background Screening
(DOT and Medical Level Clearance)

Background investigations and reference checks are a San Antonio employers’ principal means of securing information about potential hires from sources other than the applicants themselves. A background investigation generally involves determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a position due to a record of criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding education or work history.


An electrocardiogram records the electrical signals in the heart. It’s a common and painless test used to quickly detect heart problems and monitor the heart’s health.

An electrocardiogram — also called ECG or EKG — is often done in a health care provider’s office, a clinic or a hospital room.

Genetic Tests

Genetic tests for targeted cancer therapy detect mutations (changes) in the DNA of cancer cells. Knowing whether the cancer has a particular mutation can help guide the type of treatment that a person receives. The presence or absence of certain mutations can predict who may benefit from certain drugs and who is not likely to respond.

Medical Monitoring and Pain Management

Medical drug monitoring provides physicians with information relevant to the treatment of patients who are prescribed pain or psychotic medications. Our monitoring testing is for physicians to stay in compliance as well to identify potentially dangerous drug interactions. Oracle offers a full menu of medical drug monitoring tests that provide choice, flexibility and value for your specific needs. With the most comprehensive offerings able to identify many unique metabolites within each drug class. 

Rapid Drug Testing – Results in 5 Minutes

Rapid drug tests in San Antonio are also known as instant tests because you get your results right away, at least negative results. With rapid drug testing, results are considered negative or non-negative (not necessarily positive). This type of testing first determines if there are any drugs detected. If not, it’s considered a negative result. If there is any drug metabolite detected, it’s considered a non-negative result. Non-negative results are sent to a lab for further testing and will take an additional 2-3 days.

What is Lab Based Drug Testing?

Lab-based drug testing in San Antonio is when samples are sent to a certified laboratory to undergo an initial screening test and more stringent confirmatory testing for drugs (e.g., cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines) and specimen validity (e.g., to determine if the sample has been tampered with). These screening tests tend to be fairly specific and highly sensitive for the drugs being analyzed. If a non-negative sample is detected, labs utilize technologies like gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to confirm the presence or absence of specific drugs, thereby preventing false positives. Turnaround times for a negative drug test typically range from hours to 1-2 days with a larger TPA like DISA.

Additionally, lab-based drug testing goes through a chain of custody, which is the recordkeeping process of who handles a drug testing sample and why from the time the sample is collected to the time the sample is discarded. Chain of Custody documentation includes both the original sample and any portion of the sample that might be removed from the original container. The documentation provides a paper trail showing the collection, transfer, testing, and disposal of the sample, further verifying its integrity and holds up to any legal scrutiny.

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