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Are You a Doctor And Own a Private Practice?

Monitored urine drug screening for patients before administering psychotropic medications is key to good health and a better recovery. Oracle can keep your patients safe and healthy with regular drug testing or blood draw services. If you own a private practice but don’t do blood draws in your office call on Oracle to see all your patients in our medical center office. We are a Labcorp Wellness Center so trust us to do the draw right the first time. With all techs being certified trust in our experience and skill to take care of your patients like our own.

Attorney? We Have court admissible Drug Hair Collections.

All of Oracle Tech’s results are court admissible. We use the best labs in the nation when we sent out our specimens and even have a MRO Medical Review Officer on all our accounts. In case the test is positive your clients have 10 days to make it right with a script list. All the positive go to the MRO for review this is a second checks and balances for your positive and a way to clear the positive out. Oracle has a relationship with some of the most prominent attorneys in San Antonio. They trust us to deliver on time and accurate results.
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Assisted Living Communities

Retirement Communities also use our services for running labs on residents at assisted living communities. Whether its routine labs or labs for new residents we make sure all labs are performed in a timely manner. Oracle accepts Medicare and Medicaid along with all major insurance or private pay. We are on call 24/7 for all your facility needs with labs done right the first time all the time.

Need a new vendor partnership? We are a 3rd Party.

If you are a large consortium looking for a new vendor for drug, alcohol or diagnostic services Oracle can help you in the San Antonio area. We have all theses services in our office located centrally in the medical center or offer mobile on site services in the situation should arise for post accident for randoms. With partnerships with major companies like FormFox, E-screen, Labs Express and Solv. Count on Oracle to be there when it counts and trust them to get the job done right the first time all the time.
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Automatic Interpreting at Point of Care

With our new state of the art pulmonary function device we can now perform DLCO, lung volumes and spirometry testing. Get the same or next day appointments at Oracle. If you refer your patients to any of the hospitals in our medical center you know getting an appointment for PFT testing is about 3 months out. Let Oracle help manage your workflow and streamline your practice with faster diagnostic PFT testing performed by certified techs. We can also get automatic quality grading and interpretation with the most efficient and accurate device on the market. DLCO is a test of the diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide, one of the most clinically valuable tests of lung function. The DLCO measures the ability of the lungs to transfer gas from the inhaled air to the red blood cells in pulmonary capillaries. It’s convenient and easy for the patient to perform.

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